Upgrade PHP 5.5 to 5.6 and PHP Warning PHP Startup Unable to initialize module

How to upgrade PHP to 5.6 is not a big challenge. In some cases , some manuell installed modul over pecl like imagick will not properly works. This is because some modul are compiled with the oldĀ  php module.

The error looks like:

So the new php 5.6 in this case is compiled with module API=20131226 . All what you have to do is to upgrade the php5-dev package and reinstall the modul again. In this case imagick.

That’s all.

Basically, if you want to install imagick for the first time you can use the following commands:

Add File imagick.ini in :
/etc/php5/cli/conf.d and
With content:

mysql_secure_installation – mysql-5.5 wheezy-security; urgency=high

Ifyou get following message during server upgrade:

Then you have to run following command to secure and restrict your Database aceess.

The test Database will be deleted and also the anoymous user access from the localhost.

selinux issue (13)Permission denied: Init: Can’t open server certificate file

if you get following error in the apache/httpd log:

you can fix this issue with the next command:

This is known as an selinux issue. The certificat file can have a wrong context and will be unreadable by the httpd daemon even if the regular permissions is correct.