Update Ibexa DXP from 3.3.1 to 3.3.3

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Before Read: If you run into more issues don’t hesitate to contact me or just ping me in the ezcommunity.slack.com :

Ibexa DXP 3.3.3 (Release date: Mai 18, 2021)

Please always refer to Ibexa 3.3 Upgrade Documentation

Without any long introduction let’s start with the update steps:

Now you have the latest Ibexa 3.3.3 installation

Be sure to remove the Kaliop bundle in the config/bundles.php file

and set the minimum stability to stable, in composer.json:

Update database to v3.3.3

There are no specific DB updates for 3.3.3 but be sure that below updates are available in your installation:


Be sure that update entity managers introduced in 3.3.2are available:

In my case I got below output:

For this entity I have to run below command to get the SQL statement:

which produce below queries to execute in your DB:

ℹ️ For the time being the comment table updates are needed only when using the Ibexa commerce component

At this Step the whole update installation is done. Enjoy!