Drupal8:Rendering multiple TWIG template

I meet this situation as i wanted to add some hard coded text bevor the pagination table. It is just a demonstration how to render multiple TWIG templates within one return and can be useful to add third party code like external services (RSS, Webservices …)

The “custom_html_content_page” template theme should be defined in mymodule.module file, something like:

And finally the TWIG template in the templates folder:



Lorem ipsum …

Drupal8:Basic Jquery Ajax custom module controller

In the previous tutorial (drupal8-create-module-with-multiple-route-and-custom-route-contoller-twig-template/) we have create a custom modul using different Route and some TWIG templates. Now  we want to call one of the route using Ajax .

First of all, we should have create a custom theme and add our custom JavaScript file in MY-THME.info.yml :

Now we have to define the “global-scripting” in the MY-THME.libraries.yml

In js/ajax.js we add the usual Jquery ajax code

Let explain what we have define in the js/ajax.js:
1. The HTML Link to click:

2. Then we have to prevent to reload the page with: event.preventDefault();
3. We get the content of the href attribute, because this will be the Ajax Route call:

4. Now we start the Ajax call , we will add a post variable, that indicate our controller that we are comming from an ajax request.
5. We set the URL in the browser with the Route using:

Why we do this ? Simple , if Google will index our link or user disable Javascript in the browser , we have then to be sure that the link will works without the ajax call . In the Controller we will have a condition using the post variable “ajaxCall”.
6. The Controller response will then displayed in the content div.


So now we have to extend the editContact($id) Method within the custom module Controller “ContactController”:

You will be able now to call your own Business Logic, extend and transfer your variables to the TWIG tempalte.
IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to define your variables first in mymodule.module . Clearing the cache if no changes can be very helpful.

drupal8: create module with multiple route and custom Route Contoller Twig Template

In the most example of drupal8 you will experiment the Hello World module. This is just a demostration how you can create your custom module within the new drupal8 concept.

But your application can be more complicated as just a Hello World module, you want may be create one module, multiple route and a custom twig template for each route

User case is if you want to create your own module but managing a multiple Route within one module.

When you add a new yaml file you should uninstall the modul and insatll it again. I haven’t found other solution for this right now ! This will help you if you can’t see any changes when you add some configuration or yml files.Or when you get following error:
Theme hook YOUR-TEMPLATE not found.

Let say you want to create a module to manage contact and edit them. My Module in this case is named “mymodule”

Let start to create the diffrent route in “mymodule.routing.yml” file:


Add your Conroller in src folder with the name ContactController.php:

Create following yml file “mymodule.module”:

At the end just create the Twig templates within your templates folder:



So now, you are able to create diffrent routes and templates using Drupal8 and transfer variables from the controller to the twig template
using your own business logic operations.

Drush8 Drupal8 on unix system

First install composer for all projects(Required User root)

Then change directory to to the Drupal8 installtion and edit composer.json and add the drush line:

at the end update compser with: (Required User www-data)

if permissions Problem:


clear cache with: (Required User www-data)

or if you have your own site: