Update Ibexa DXP from 3.3.3 to 3.3.7

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Did you encounter difficulties when updating to Ibexa 3.3.7 and you get below issue:

Attempted to load class BatchIterator from namespace "eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Iterator". Did you forget a "use" statement for another namespace?

This post can help you to fix it

If you run into more issues don’t hesitate to contact me or just ping me in the ezcommunity.slack.com :

Ibexa DXP 3.3.7 (Release date: September 3, 2021)

Please always refer to Ibexa 3.3 Upgrade Documentation

let’s start with the update steps:

  • Create a new branch from your dev project branch
  • Execute below command
  • You will notice below changes:

    At this Step, Ibexa mention reviewing the changes and add them to our project.

    In my case, I had to restore bundles.php because it adds the KaliopMigration bundle and it is not supported in v3.x. The ezplatform.yaml contains some custom configuration and nothing special was added to this file.

  • Execute
  • This will add below line in composer.json

  • Make some changes as recommended in the Ibexa upgrade documentation
  • ℹ️ Please pay attention to - and + lines

  • run
  • UPS! You will get the below error:

    At this Step, you have to consider this documentation page and some additional steps: https://doc.ibexa.co/en/latest/updating/updating_to_3.3/#update-to-v33x

  • Make composer.json changes according to the Documentation

    According to the documentation, we should now run:

    BUT you will get below error:

    I noticed in my Installation that composer.json contains a lot of required symfony 5.2 bundles e.g:

    Do not set these bundles to 5.3 otherwise you will end up with a lot of compatibility issues like (lock file version)

    I was not able at this step to get the right composer.json for Ibexa Experience either from https://github.com/ezsystems/ezplatform-ee or https://github.com/ibexa/experience.

    Next Step: I decided to install Ibexa Experience 3.3.7 from the scratch in another folder and check the difference between the composer.json files.

    To install Ibexa Experience 3.3.7 you have to run the below command:

    Now my composer.json looks like this: https://gist.github.com/arfaram/b793bb7944d8802e3f2b52ce052db0a9

    ℹ️ Consider to add your custom bundles or configuration to this file. You can use phpstorm history function for that purpose 😉 )

    At this Step, I decided to make the update in a different way because the composer require ibexa/experience:3.3.7 always fails.

    Now everything should looks good regarding the symfony 5.3 and Ibexa 3.3.7 bundle versions

  • At the end just run
  • ibexa_3.3.7_UI