Upgrade to eZ Platform / Ibexa 3.2.4 Error TranslationResourceFilesPass – Bazinga Js Translation Bundle

During upgrading to the latest eZ Platform 3.2.4 you will get below error when the cache clear command is executed:

The error output doesn’t explain what really happened during this process. By running the cache clear command using the verbose option we can see the right error message:

The cause of this issue is related to Bazinga Js Translation Bundle which is being used in: ezplatform-admin-ui v2.2.3

The good news is that this issue is fixed in js-translation-bundle v4.x. You can find the PR here another good news ezplatform-admin-ui v2.3.x is using now the right Bazinga Js Translation Bundle version for eZ Platform 3.3.

The bad news of course you are not able to upgrade to eZ Platform 3.2.4 when using php7.4. Until a fix is delivered by Ibexa.

But there is one quick solution until the fix is available. I have just forked the ezplatform-admin-ui v2.2.3 bundle, upgrading to:

and creating a new tag of the ezplatform-admin-ui v2.2.4

Composer should now know about the above fork:

When you run  composer update, you should get the modified version of ezsystems/ezplatform-admin-ui instead of the one from packagist.